get the best out of your long exposure shots.

I bought a new camera this summer. There’s so much potential, but I’m still using mostly automatic 😞


Long exposure shots are nice and quite frankly a loooot of fun. At least when you finally meet somebody that teaches you how to do it. I’m not gonna lie, for a long time I used mainly the P mode in my Nikon (P for Program Automatic) and while I still felt that I was getting good results, a new world opens up when you finally start shooting in half or full manual mode (thanks to Julio who taught me).


For my last Frankfurt shooting we met shortly before sunset to make use of the blue hour that lasts usually around half an hour after sunset (golden hour is half an hour before sunset). In doubt, check this calculator, works perfect for me.


Nikon D7200 // Sigma 10-20mm F3.5 // f/11 20s ISO100 10mm

RESULT Out of…

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