I’m Travelling…


Am I travelling or, am I traveling? This was a question that was asked of me this week.  A concerned reader, or maybe just my husband, told me that someone else was starting to use my website for fashion advice.  A quick internet search and I discovered the problem: alternative spellings.

I am Canadian, and as such, I still use many words that show their original British English origin. For example, we paint in colour instead of color; we get pay cheques instead of pay checks; we visit the city centre instead of the city center; and we are travellers, not travelers.

Outside of the U.S., travelling and traveller are the preferred word forms.  I found this nifty graph that shows the use of travelling and traveling as a percentage of all words used in all books, magazines and journals from the 1800’s to 2008.

From writingexplained.org

However, switching to just American print sources we see a completely different graph.

From writingexplained.org


Quite the difference. But where does it leave me? I am still the travellingswan.com and I will be travelling the world with my two L’s proudly displayed for all to see. Just don’t ask me for any fashion advice.


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